Struggling with a plot...

... which isn't working right. All the characters are way too mired in gloom in the first part. I spent yesterday cutting loads out of it, removing a whole incident that drags everything down, and it's still not working. Grrr.

Yay for 1_million_words

The 1_million_words bingo has got me writing fanfic again after a month or more of working on other things. It's just three short ficlets so far, and they all need a bit of tidying up, but it's a start. And it's a nice positive thing in what has been a difficult couple of weeks for sucky work reasons and busy 'rest of life' stuff.

In other news... my massive 138k original fic is slowly but surely being beaten into shape and by the end of the summer I might have something worth showing to other people. I need to make a call at some point about what exactly I'm going to do to get it out there, if anything,   but I'm waiting and seeing on that.

I'm also still waiting to see if I have a place eon a masters programme this October. It would be handy to know sooner rather than later [sits on edge of seat].

In the mean time I need to pay a little more attention to life and making sure that the family get fed. 

I have written more in May...

... than in Jan, Feb, Mar and April put together:
Features: 1999
Non fic book chapter 6: 6329
Original fic: 98,502
Published fanfics: 12,584 (And that was just one thing at the start of the month!)

May TOTAL 113,724 - OMG  - no wonder I'm not being very productive this week!

June is not going to be the same - I'm editing and writing up the resources chapter for the non fiction book about Sleep - plus editing the original fic which is looking like a rather large mountain at the moment. I'm using Donald Maass's workbook for inspiration for the edit and he suggests 591 actions to improve your first draft!

In other news...

I've been mainly absent for mostly good reasons - I'm writing like a mad thing and have added 54k to the novel this month and nearly finished chapter 6 of the non fiction book.And written the monthly feature I'm paid for.
The novel is in a sticky middle phase and I'm just trying to write my way out of it. And not edit it while I'm still working on it even if I think of things to improve it! They're going on a list for the second draft.


Have just applied for a MA in creative writing. It's not the return to academia that worries me, I know far more about study than I did twenty years ago. It's the fact that I'll get a very definite 'yes or no' verdict on my writing. I've only refocused on improving the creative side of my writing over the last six months, so it would be entirely reasonable if they said I needed more practice, but it will also be a kick in the teeth! I gave a couple of bits of work to a friend to review - I've reviewed various of her submissions for art projects - and she came back with some really helpful points, but I'm very much in the 'is it good enough?' mindset this afternoon.

On a positive note, I've realised if I carry on with the novel at the rate it was going it would take another 9 months to complete, so I've stepped it up a notch! Not that 9 months is an unreasonable time to complete a book, but I can do it much faster if I prioritise writing original fic every day. It's the difference between, say, 2,000 words a week, or 5,000 words a week. I'd then have it done if I got on to the MA and could focus on the course and improving the novel. I know what's going to happen, so it's just a question of typing really and dealing with bumps in the plot as they occur.

Hmmm. We will see.